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Title /

windmill's prayer

Caption /

i feel old and rusty
worn and weathered from the wind.

i give myself up in prayer,
"Lord, I need your help again."

and then the answer comes to me
like a whisper in the breeze.

a gentle power that blows through
and lifts me off my knees.

"Go forth, my child." The Lord commands,
and angels sing above.

"harvest that peaceful wind
and share my bountiful Love."

an old windmill's prayer

+ Info /

While visiting family in Iowa I was staying at my uncle Dale's who is essentially a retired farmer (which is actually not possible) that loves to do what old farmer's love doing with their free time, collecting old stuff and setting it out and about their property. In this particular case, he likes to collect old windmills and place them around his irrigation pit that he has his retirement house on.

windmill prayer