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Title /

order my steps

Caption /

order my steps, Lord.
lead me. guide me.

make straight my path, Lord.
walk along side me.

lift up my burdens, Lord.
lay your yoke upon me.

forgive my missteps, Lord.
please, have mercy on me.

for if you lead,
i will follow.

with you beside
i shall not wallow.

your yoke is light
that i shall not stumble.

so with faith i go,
your servant, humble.

+ Info /

This is an image I created myself on afternoon at my favorite park in downtown. I generally don't like wearing shoes during the summer, and here I was walking around barefoot through the grass which had just been watered and was puddled up here and there. When I stepped up on the cement path leading up to the top of the hill, I noticed my fresh barefoot prints on the hot cement and it struck me so that I turned back around, got my feet wet again, made deliberate steps, turned back around again, got down on my knees and framed up the shot with my manual 28mm lens. And as usual, the image inspired the words.


order my steps