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Title /

amazing blinds

Caption /

amazing Grace,
it's said to be,
can save the soul
of even me.

lost in this room,
please Grace, find me
behind these blinds
unable to see.

teach my heart, Grace.
relieve my fear
that I might believe
and your light appear.

amazing Grace,
please save me.
open my blinds
that i might see.

+ Info /

This is an image from my bed, facing north, of the vertical blinds that generally keep closed unless I'm it's summer and I need a breeze to come through the windows. I woke up this particular Saturday morning, fairly late as I'm want to do, and just felt a bit lost, but grateful for a new day. I went and grabbed the camera. Took the picture, and a few more, downloaded, and wrote this that morning. I'm convinced that I'll end up photographing my entire house in the not to far off future. Inspiration doesn't have to come from wonderous, far-off, distant lands, or from some major ephany....sometimes you just need to rub your eyes, then open them.


amazing grace