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before dawn

Caption /

i'm waiting, Lord,
before the dawn.
the light is coming.
it won't be long.

the air is chilly
so my sweatshirt's on,
and the birds are singing
your entrance song.

today is the day
to rejoice and be glad,
to share a canoe,
to fish with my dad.

i'm here, Lord,
before the dawn.
your light is with me.
your day is upon.

+ Info /

This is a self portrait of myself, in the chair, before dawn up on one of the islands on Rawn Lake up in Canada. This was the first night, and I was so anxious to get a sunrise picture that I woke up at 3 or 4am and just sat out there waiting with my camera. This was also the first time that I had gone on my dad's annual fishing trip that he's been doing for thirty+ years with various friends and family. My brother-in-law, usaully goes, but couldn't this year.


before dawn