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Title /

crown of thorns

Caption /

our brother gave up
his life today
before we could say

for reasons we are left
to wonder
why, O' Lord,

we each bear our own
crown of thorns
that bleeds down
upon our cheeks

mixing with tears
of heartache and pain
into a river
that searches and seeks

to carry away
our suffering and fears
into a bottomless
sea of Love,

an ocean of forgiveness
and compassion
that we often feel
undeserving of.

so my brother
rest in peace now.
take off
your crown of thorns.

become for us
that sea of Love
which consoles this world
that mourns.

+ Info /

This was a poem that I wrote for and after hearing from my brother that one of his friends, who over the years had become a frined of mine as well, had committed suicide. The image is of a small statue of Christ in the side chapel of my church. Like most of the pieces I do, I start with the image and find the words from it or what I was doing or feeling when I took it. Here I came across this image of Christ that moved me and it's a little hard to tell from the size of the image, but the only thing really in focus, unintentionally, is the nearest part of his crown of thorns which sparked the words and feelings.