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mikey on fire

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Whenever my brother can, he sits in with the band he's been apart of for some twenty years. He works second shift until 10:00pm; rushes over to my house to pick me up, and we usually get there, the NE Palace in Nordeast of late, between the first and second set. This previous night, a fifteen year old named Mikey was sitting in playing guitar. This was the first, and hopefully not the last, time meeting him.

This is Mikey. He is a very gifted young man and was absolutely killing it!

I purposely took this image with my friends dads' old 50mm Minolta lens stopped all the way down to f1.7 with the intention of getting this soft, creamy-glow look. This is also one where I've chosen to upload a BW and color version because I really like the way both look and feel.

mikey halo