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Title /

catching blessings

Caption /

Life throws us
fastballs, curveballs
and some real
nasty sliders,

and sinkers
to fool batters.

But we are not
those batters
standing hopelessly
at Life's plate.

we are the ones
crouched behind
waiting to receive God,
our teammate.

and all those
crazy, nasty pitches
are actually
blessings in disguise

meant to strike out
our fears and worries,
and free us
from all lies.

we are the
faithfull catchers
equipped with
glove, pads, and mask,

and God will
always be pitching
all the blessings
for which we ask.

+ Info /

This was at one of his baseball games early in the season when it was still rather chilly. It's amazing how kids can just crouch and squish their bodies together and still be comfortable. Any adult trying to do this would run the risk of not being able to "undo" it.


catching blessings