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love first

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love first

coach second

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Back in 2010, my friend, whom I had lost contact with for a number of years, invited me to come check out his football team's game. He was coaching Folwell Park's 11u squad in North Minneapolis. This image is from that first game at Edison HS. The image is of his player who was "hurt" and needed a human stretcher off the field.

Following this game I became the self appointed official photographer for the remainder of the season. The follow season I joined him on the sidelines as an assistant coach/team photographer which carried over to the basketball season (which is more my sport since that's all I played sun up / sun down growing up) He and I share a passion and compassion for our youth, particularly in North Minneapolis, and helping them to know their worth and to become good people and in the process provide a safe place, physically and emotionally, for them to be. He especially is vested with the fact that his son is one of his players.

love first