My story starts with an upbringing in New Hope, Minnesota (a western suburb of Minneapolis). I am the youngest of three; my brother being the oldest, and my sister the second oldest. My parents were both born and raised in and near Mason City, Iowa which is why I claim Iowan roots. I am very proud of this fact and the heritage of farming and small town values. I was raised to be a good and giving person.

From a young age I started showing my creative and artistic abilities through drawing and cartooning. Combined with my constant desire to play basketball (it helped to have a 9' hoop in our garage that allowed my to practice, with obvious limited space, my skills and shooting.) I was either doodling or shooting.

Upon entering college back in '93 I discovered the capabilites of computers and quickly latched onto graphic design. Unfortunately I didn't invest much time and interest into the then budding invention of the "internet" and website design. In these recent years I have just starting to teach myself, slowly, simple web design (i.e. this website). I wish I had more foresight back then, but I can't go back so, here I am.

While working through college at my friend's family's bowling alley, Lariat Lanes down in Richfield, MN, I got myself connected and eventually hired by a budding event marketing company by the name of CPC as their graphic designer. After thirteen years of a lot of great fun and equal amount of hard work and long hours, I was let go in July of 2011. Change is constant, and we are constantly trying to, sometimes resisting, but always subject to, change. Embrace change and it will bring you with. Run from it and it will trip you up. I was very blessed to only be unemployed for two weeks in which time I reached out to a print vendor of my previous company and with the fate of them having one of their prepress guys giving his notice, I was hired in short time and where I am currently employed. I definitely have taking a pay cut, but have gained much more personal time to invest in my life, my family, church and community.

During that time I acquired my first digital camera, a 3 megapixel Canon Elph, back in 2000. Over following years I graduated up the ranks of cameras to my current equipment; a Nikon D3s, D700 and an older D200 that hasn't died. I started off shooting mostly my family, with the arrival of nieces and nephews. It was early on that I started adding my thoughts and words along with design elements and layout to my photos. I enjoy candid photography and nature shots; mainly trees and flowers.

My passion in life is giving of myself through Time, Treasure, and Talent. I love my family (the ones I have been blessed to call so, and the ones God has called me to). I love my church and community of the Northside of Minneapolis.

My hobbies include: bowling, basketball, biking, coaching and mentoring. Occasionally I'll read a book.

I could obviously go into more detail and many different directions about who, what, where and when I've been and would like to be, but I'll simply say that I am a very blessed person and hope and strive to obtain and pass along peace and love in my daily life.

Thank you for visiting my site and please enjoy.